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Gee Tire’s Tire Balance in a Bag


Tire Balance compound comes in a plastic bag which is placed into the tire. It works on the principal of centrifugal force. During the rotation of the tire the bag opens and distributes the balance compound inside the tire. The TIRE BALANCE compound moves inside the tire to seek the locations needed to keep the tire in balance. Tires change because of wear. As the tire wears the TIRE BALANCE compound continues to move and seek out the locations needed to adjust the balance of the tire.

Wheel weights stay in one spot and have to be physically moved to keep the tire in balance. Because TIRE BALANCE is inside the tire it can’t fall off and it continues to move inside the tire to maintain perfect tire balance.


  • Balances for life of the tire
  • Balances complete wheel assembly
  • No weights to fall off
  • No Weights to damage custom wheels
  • Environmentally safe
  • Tire Balance will not bunch up if contaminated with water or bead lube
  • Labor saving — just toss inner bag into the tire — It only takes a few seconds (wheel weights & spinning the tire can take up to one hour)

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